Partner & Affiliate Links

We use a number of partners and affiliates to deliver excellent service. Click on the link below to receive discounts and/or lower pricing. We are frequently updating our list so check back often. Some of the apps and tools we use (so we can recommend) are:

Accounting and Payroll:

Quickbooks Online*  *           Xero*                     ADP*


  Basecamp3 (Project Management) -50% for Non profits, free for Teachers and Students

Dropbox                             Nozbe                           Boomerang           Evernote

Starting Your Own Business:

Business in a Box*                    

Share Economy:

Airbnb New Host                   Airbnb New Guest                            Uber                                       Lyft

CoHosting Services –

Tools,  Technology & Resources:


Freelancer (find projects or people)

Upwork (find projects or people)

*Contact Us for Referral Link – Requires a Bookkeeper Email Referral for Best Pricing

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